Thanks to Rick's Heart Foundation (Heart of Hope), we were granted access to a beautiful pink fire truck today. After it was detailed by the amazing volunteers from Luke 15 house, we decided to take it for a spin. Our special guest Russell, the fella in the photo, was overjoyed with the idea of going on a ride on the pink machine. So, we loaded him up and off we went for a tour around the block. As we returned to the mission, Russel seemed upset, so I asked him what was wrong.

Russel said, "I really want the guys at my house to see me in this because they don't think I'm important."

After a brief look at the driver, Shayne, who promptly gave a nod of approval. We decided that Russel's hat didn't fit and we would have to go to his place to get a different hat.

Russell's excitement was palpable and his language was colourful as we traveled down 108th to the house he shares with several others. We arrived at his house with lights flashing and a few horn honks (we couldn't figure out the siren knob). Russell walked into the house with several looking on from inside, then quickly returned with a baseball cap on.

"Your chariot awaits" I yelled loud enough for everyone inside to hear. With many onlookers, we helped Russel into the truck an we were off.

When we got back to the mission I helped Russel out of the truck. At this time his colourful language was out of control, as he expressed his excitement. "So much @#$ %&^#%@ power," he said as he jumped off the step.

After I stabilized his landing, he said, "I couldn't find the right $%# $^%$ hat."

Love this place. Everyday is an adventure.

God bless and thank you for your support.

Mike Musgrove
Executive Director
Surrey Urban Mission

Meet Rod. Rod is homeless & comes to the Surrey Urban Mission. At one of the mission’s lunch meals in May 2015, a prospective employer came to the mission looking for a worker & took Rod to work for him. Rod has been working as many days as he is needed since then, he gets picked up for work at the corner of 108 Ave & King George – our location – every morning he comes to our breakfast window – we give him a hot breakfast meal & encouraging words for the day. This job has changed his life as well as his son’s life, as his son recently lost his job. He has helped them both with necessities they couldn’t afford before. He says his tomorrow is looking better everyday.

Rod says without our breakfast meal he would not have the energy to go to work in the construction field. Congrats Rod! 

Rod our incredible outreach worker that runs the window every morning.

Rod our incredible outreach worker that runs the window every morning.


We are so blessed to have Sharon as our Outreach Worker as she has a heart of gold.

Below is Sharon having just delivered two bikes, to a local couple.  Now these individuals will have easier access to get around town to work. Thanks Sharon!


“When I think of people who give so much to so many I think of Mother Teresa and I think of Rick Diamond. I have known Rick many years and there is no one that I know personally that is more dedicated to so selflessly helping those in need.” - John Volken

“I think there is a little kid in all of us that wants to be loved and hugged. When people are facing barriers such as homelessness, violence, addiction, disease, mental ill health and poverty – hugs and connection are so vital for our emotional health. If we don’t have hope it makes change difficult. We are so grateful with the support of the Rick’s Heart Foundation for spreading joy.” - Caroline MacGillivray